Friday, June 26, 2009

NYU's Program for Surgical Weight Loss

NYU's Program for Surgical Weight Loss is the program I am going through for the Lap-Band procedure.

So far I've been very pleased with the staff and the surgeon. And their materials have been quite thorough. However, if you're a patient, please note that their website is not up to date (at least not as of this posting) in regard to what you need for your procedure. I had a few problems with that.

I've been doing this list-thing on my other blog Dabble, and it's remarkably effective, so I thought I'd do that here too.

  1. Order Juice Plus fruit and vegetable supplements (waiting for 7/17)

  2. Buy chewable or liquid multivitamins (7/17) (Centrum Adult Chewables) The "Silver" has extra supplements

  3. Attend support group before surgery (Mtg date 7/15)

  4. Sign up for a "heal faster" seminar Call (Mon 7/6)

  5. Send replacement insurance card (Found it! Mon 7/6)

  6. Call surgical coordinator Tuesday to confirm she has my paperwork

  7. Follow up with surgical coordinator Friday

  8. Make an appt with my GP for a B-12 shot (unrelated to surgery)

  9. Arrange with GP for esophogram

  10. Get esophogram

  11. Arrange ride home

  12. Arrange care post surgery

  13. Pass along hospital info to family / friends

  14. Go shopping for pre-surgery 2 week shake diet (70 shakes for 14 days) (7/17)

  15. Go grocery shopping for post surgery thin-liquid diet (7/17)

  16. Order low sodium, vegetable broth (7/17)

Also just realizing that I'm going to have to wait until my post-rent-pay day for a few of these things. Some of the expenses related to the surgery have me pinching my pennies. Though I think I have it better than many in regard to insurance coverage.

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