Sunday, June 21, 2009

Glucerna Shakes

So for two weeks before my surgery, I'll have to be on a liquid diet. The one exception is that I can eat certain vegetables as well -- plain of course, but steamed or raw is fine.

I don't have my surgery scheduled yet, but I did meet with the nutritionist, and she walked me through the options for weight loss shakes. The goal is to make my liver less fatty, and hence smaller, to make the laproscopic surgery easier.

Post surgery, I then have to fast for 20 days -- 10 days of a thin liquid diet followed by 10 days of a pureed food diet. All in all, at least 5 weeks without solid food.

Given that, I decided I would try out the different shake options and start out slow beforehand in order to adjust. So for now, I'm going to replace one meal a day. Today I've replaced dinner, and supplemented the Glucerna shake with some raw cucumbers and carrots so I had something to munch on. I'll also have to give up caffeine and soda at a certain point, so I'll need to transition to that as well.

So tonight, so far so good. The Glucerna tastes good. In fact, I'd like another one. They cost $2 each and are 200 calories each. Of the list of shake options, I chose to start with Glucerna because of the low sugar content, only 6g (it's made for diabetics). I also prefer that they come in resealable plastic bottles rather than the cans.

Mostly the shakes are higher in sugar than I prefer. Up to thirty-something grams of sugar each which is way too high for me. I can just see myself crashing after that and wanting to eat.

I'll be trying the other shakes this week too, so more to come on that.

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