Monday, February 1, 2010

Pick pocket

What a lame day so far, and it doesn't help that its Monday.

Woke up not feeling well. I've just felt like I've had a lingering cold for a week or two now and had a sore throat this morning. Just couldnt sleep last night at all which makes getting up earlier than usual hard.

We had to go to the DMV this morning so I could get a NY State license since we bought our new car here. The place was packed but I'm shocked to say, well organized. No frills though. You need a pen, you buy one. See below. I'd never seen that before!

So we waited in one line, then a second line, finally a third line and I got my temp NY license. Unfortunately, that's when Alex realized he no longer had his cell phone. We had just been sitting looking at it together reading an email, so we knew exactly when he had it. Then he slipped it in his pocket, the place was mad busy, he goes back to his pocket and it's gone. Not on the ground or anything. Given that we both knew he had just had it, it had to be a pick pocket. Perfect location too since it was so crowded and everyone's distracted with their DMV business.

Alex was extremely upset since he uses it like a computer and it had all kinds of personal info on it. We started immediately changing account passwords, etc after reporting it lost/stolen. Not to mention that the iphones themselves are expensive and it is like Alex's little baby, he loves that thing!

When I'm stressed, of course my instinct is to eat, but they forgot to include my donut when i drove through for coffee! Serves me right I suppose. I did instead get soup and salad for lunch at my favorite healthy place, Columbine in Tribeca. So I suppose the day can only improve from here!

Let's hope!


  1. Hope the rest of the day goes better. That sucks for Alex. THe DMV is the worst place ever, doesnt matter what state or city they all suck

  2. Bummer.. that really does suck. Maybe some honest soul will find it and turn it in.. one can only hope.

  3. It's bad enough to have to go to the DMV, but then get robbed...
    I can't get over that pen machine. Hope tomorrow is better.