Monday, February 1, 2010

Fill moved up!

Turns out I have a business trip next week to LA, kind of a last minute thing. I'll be presenting technology to some customers and then will be making some other visits with our reps and managers. Kind of a new thing for me in my new job as marketing product manager.

Given that I'll be gone, I had to reschedule my fill appointment with Dr. K and this Wed was all they could give me. I'll take it!

I find myself having more trouble eating bread and whatnot, so I'm thinking with this next fill I'll be more like many of the other bandsters out there who can't eat breads, etc.

Actually had a smidge of trouble with a leafy salad the other day, though I had another today without really any trouble. But I must admit I was cautious and chewed, chewed, chewed. The more I have issues with things going down, the more I chew. A good thing I suppose.


  1. I hope the fill goes well tomorrow!!! My fill is Sunday. Am looking forward to it. B