Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lap-Band Billboards

I wanted to post this pic from my trip to California last week. We were driving a lot in LA and everywhere we went, I saw these billboards for the Lap-Band surgery. I wasn't really a fan of them though because they made it seem like a quick fix and almost like a cosmetic surgery or a pill you pop.

In fact, I was thinking I definitely would not tell my LA friends and family especially after seeing the way it's promoted there. I'd be afraid people wouldn't take me seriously with it.

Those of us who are banded already struggle with people who think we take the easy way out, and this definitely just makes it worse.


  1. Hello stranger,
    You're back! I did wonder where you have been. Look at that - in all it's lap banding glory.. what a board. lol.

  2. We just came back from LA too - drats we could have met up - but anyway we heard a lot of these adds on the radio while we were there and weren't very impressed by how it was promoted either.

    They made it sound all so easy - my husband loved pointing out everytime we saw a billboard or heard an advertisement (and there were a LOT)

  3. Just to "weigh-in" on the billboards. The LA Times have done stories on the doctor's behind this surgery center. Both have been in a lot of trouble - one lost his license. They are now trying to operate under a different name. They had major complaints against them (dirty and unsanitary conditions in their OR, outdated medicine, etc). At least the media is on to them and I hope people do their research prior to getting the band.