Friday, June 10, 2011

What do you get stuck on?

The band has been acting up a fair bit the last 2 weeks. Or maybe I should say "working," which led me to thinking about the things I get "stuck" on. If I was smart, I'd cut them out of my life entirely, but until now I've been too _____(insert proper word here)______ to do that.

So, what is it I get stuck on???

- french fries (yes, I know, why am i eating these)
- tator tots (ditto)
- hamburger buns
- bread
- tortillas
- enchiladas
- quesadillas
- taco shells (I'm in Texas, LOTS of mexican food!)
- pita chips
- eggs
- dry nuts
- rice
- sushi rolls
- soy meats
- cooked tofu (the only way I eat it)
- pizza crust
- raw carrots (am actually afraid of them, won't eat them)
- bagels (i don't even bother trying)

Notice a theme here???

Since I don't eat meat, and unfortunately tend to lean on a fast food / takeout diet on occasion, carbs definitely tend to be involved in most of my menu options. Alex and I have a new commitment to eating at home and eating salads as a staple. Luckily, I never get stuck on salads. (Pasta never seems to be an issue either).

I need to rethink my diet and proteins however and let the band work. Of course i keep getting stuck if I keep making the wrong food choices.

If you know me, and i stop and pause during a meal. Kind of still and thoughtful. And then you see me stretch, you'll know what the deal is.

Getting stuck is deal-able, just not comfortable. On occasion more than uncomfortable. There will be a pain in my chest. Tightness. Tension in my back. If it's bad, a pain in my shoulder and a quick tension headache. It lasts a second and passes once I'm unstuck.

I don't PB much. If I do, I basically know i went too far. The inconsistency is surprising. One day or one meal I can eat the whole meal, another time, a few bites and that's that. The problems is that my trick is that I just wait, food passes, and i keep eating. Time to stop that too.

So what do you get stuck on? Do you have any foods you get stuck on that you for whatever reason keep eating? (if you don't mind sharing, any thoughts on why you still eat those foods?)

For me, I think i'm just *still* in denial that I can't eat certain things. Post-band it was like a point of pride that I could still be normal and people can't tell I'm banded. And sometimes I really am just normal. I just can't completely pig out and eat a full plate and then seconds.


  1. I get stuck on random things too. I don't eat pork or beef so my protein choices are limited. I definitely stay away from veggies and breads. Eggs sometimes get stuck, annoying. It's annoying how tempermental the band can be!

  2. Kerri are there any veggies you can eat? I don't think I could give them up entirely! Is it mostly raw veggies?

  3. I definitely can not eat bread, pasta,crackers, etc. I used to get stuck so much that at the end of the day I said screw it.. it just was not worth the pain.. but chew chew chew is one of those rules that you are supposed to apply (and now I know why).. good luck!!

  4. Thanks Barbara. I always know I'm supposed to chew, and think I do, but I definitely know I could do better. Maybe with certain foods, that is part of the problem! I hadn't thought of that!

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