Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Avoiding Fast Food - What Do You Cook at Home?

You'd think just being vegetarian would help me avoid fast food. It's not like there's tons that I can eat, but I manage to find things. It's easy, cheap and convenient.

Being at home these days, I have decided to refocus on getting healthy. So one of the first steps is no fast food. I've allowed myself diet sodas as an exception when running errands, shopping.

So I made up a meal plan for the week, and I've done all of my coffees at home (my FAVORITE thing is going out for a morning coffee!). The trick is just making my coffee at home good enough to compete with what I get when i go out. So iced coffee is the thing for me. Lots of ice, with a straw.

We've already been on a salad kick, and had been trying to eat in more both for budget and health. So this week I put together our meal plan, and so far so good.

However, we're trying to avoid relying too much on pasta. We already do tons of mexican food. A couple of people replied to this question on Facebook, but I'd love to hear more ideas.

What do you guys like to cook at home for lunches/dinner?

Even if it's meat, i can usually make a substitute version. My favorite suggestion so far was bangers and mash! I can do those soy, Alex can do his meat and i can add some veg. So easy!!

Any go-to at-home meal ideas you can share?


  1. Yay for Texas, haha! I'm not a vegetarian but I really don't like meat very much. I make this black bean soup and have it almost every day for lunch, it's so good!

  2. My favorite quick and easy meals are:
    1. Veggie burgers and a baked potato or sweet potato
    2. Roasted veggies of all kinds with brown rice, or nothing at all
    3. Ratatouille
    4. Chili, or any spicy, tomato and bean-based soup

  3. Thanks you guys! Great ideas! I never would have thought of ratatouille! Chili is definitely a go-to of mine. SO easy, i go with amy's canned veg chili. I remember you have GREAT homemade veggie chili Nora. Do you have a recipe?

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