Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today I decided to respect the band

It might seem so obvious to other bandsters, but today I made a conscious decision to respect the band and to stop eating right away when I felt restriction.

This led to a total of 6 mini-meals, but overall I think it worked quite well. I definitely wasn't at all hungry. It was just about fighting that urge to feel like you wasted food. Some of what I had at home, I could just put back. And at lunch I had 1/2 a small side salad and 3/4 of a piece of bruschetta. It seemed like a waste to be in a restaurant and not eat what I ordered, but I took the other bruschetta home. We'll see if it gets eaten though. The topping came separate from the bread for some reason, so it might get repurposed into another meal, who knows!?

The problem is that later in the day, the band is always much looser. So for dinner, I ordered this big plate of veggies and rice from one of my favorite restaurants and was able to eat half of it before getting full. Veggies seems like a great choice, but the problem with this dish and why it's SO GOOD is that its made with a ton of butter and cheese. I figured it was better to eat lovely, lightly cooked veg even with the butter and cheese than the enchilada alternative. Despite the fat, I'm at least also getting the health benefits of all that veg and brown rice.

I might avoid that dish in the future however, or order it with way less cheese and butter.

But today's experiment was less about what I ate and more about stopping when I'm restricted, and I think I did a good job at that. I'm going to keep at it and slowly make healthier choices. We're already eating at home much more often despite eating out today. I had a friend in town so things were a bit different than usual.

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