Friday, July 22, 2011

Surprisingly hard to find plus-sized suits

Finally got called in for an interview last week. We're planning on moving to LA but don't want to move out there without at least one of us having a job, so we're doing the long distance job search thing.

I got called on Wednesday and scheduled an interview for the following Monday. So I bought a ticket last minute and flew out Sunday. The bummer though was that the job I went out for was already filled. The recruiter really seemed to love me though and was telling me, just get in the door and if you're good, you'll move up fast. So they were trying to convince me to take a different position that would have been a step down and wasn't quite right, but it still paid very well. At least she squeezed three interviews into one day for me.That worked out well in that I didn't have to fly out again. It's in Orange County though and that commute from LA might be painful. In the end, that didn't work out either, so back to the drawing board.

I'm kind of loving funemployment so for now that's okay. As long as Alex is working. I'm definitely putting my time into the job search however. Just appreciating everything I have in my life right now. If I'm going to be unemployed, honestly, i might as well enjoy all the free time and make the most of it!

The good news is that in terms of my goals going forward, I learned a few things from the experience. Also, after that interview, I'm a bit more motivated for the job search.

And for the days before the interview I had an all-out shopping spree looking for just the right suits, etc. When I lost weight post-surgery, I got rid of my suits. And the new jackets I have weren't formal enough for an interview. So I had a major excuse to shop, and that was tons of fun! And now I have everything I need including a great new hair do too. That was desperately needed. My bangs are officially all grown out now! They NEVER looked as good in person as in the profile pic.

The photo at the top is me the morning of the interview... A bit blurry but you get the point. I LOVE the red/pink floral silk blouse I found at Nordstrom Rack. It just made the outfit.

I was VERY surprised however that I had trouble finding plus sized suits (hence the reason it turned into an all-out shopping spree). All my regular go-to places had NOTHING. Macy's, Lane Bryant, etc etc. Neimans had their stuff behind a curtain for a private sale! On a visit to a different Macy's I found the suit above. The only one they had for sale in my size. Good thing it fit! (Though I did have to hem the pants myself).

Surprisingly, I found something else at Talbot's. I had expected their stuff not to be business-y enough, but this ONE jacket on the clearance rack was SO PERFECT. I didn't really have time to order online. By the way, SALE ALERT if you're looking for some deals (not just suits), check out Talbot's online outlet clearance - 75% off!!! In fact, pretty much everywhere I went last week had MAJOR SALES!!

After all that, post interview, I randomly ended up finding a spectacular deal on a Tahari suit! I have two suits already, so this one makes three. I'm hearing more and more that people have to go for 3+ interviews, so at least I'll be prepared. The newest suit is something like this one below. Originally $320, I got it for $40 at Ross! Just the skirt is worth that, and I can wear that on many occasions! What made the deal even better was that I had tried on something very similar at full price the week before. So I definitely appreciated the value!

I had such a shopping high after that, so I actually went to another Ross, but they didn't have any other Tahari suits. I did find a perfect gray and white dress though for $12!!!! Great quality, flattering, with little sleeves. Still can't believe the deal. Perfect with a suit jacket for an interview, or alone for a date, or even just a normal day in the office. Once I have an office to go to...

I did go to the gym a couple of times since my last post, but with the interview prep and travel, that definitely threw things off. And true to form, post interview when all the stress was over, I found myself wanting to eat...and I did a little bit. Got stuck at the airport because of the Phoenix sand storm so had nothing but time to munch. oh no!

Definitely have to keep my eye on the scale. The biggest thing for us is being sure we go grocery shopping. Not having food in the house = fast food or eating out = BAD!

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