Friday, July 8, 2011

Workout Music Suggestions?

So I joined the gym today! Yay! Found an all-women's gym not too far away which is great. Felt really good post workout, then took a quick swim after, and then the post-gym crash/hunger hit me. I wasn't too bad though. Had some plain oatmeal with nuts and iced coffee which was my breakfast.

Definitely felt a stress-relief post workout. Haven't started strength-training. Will work up to that, just did cardio and stretching and sit ups for now.

I'll feel so much better with 20 lbs off. Even being heavy, I'm 20lbs more than i prefer to be at and my clothes are tighter than i like. Have been for quite a while really.

So now that I'm getting back into the workout thing, do you have workout music you like or links to other blog posts you can send me? I want to keep my workout mix fresh to keep things interesting.

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