Sunday, September 12, 2010

Raw foods dinner party

So the band behaved at the raw foods dinner party last night. I was certainly full full full with all of those veggies however. There's a real emphasis on incorporating protein in a raw foods diet so a lot of the dishes had nuts and were really quite good. My favorite was a really creamy, ground up pumpkin seed garlic dip that was just divine! I'd certainly make that for non-raw friends.

Another favorite was the almond milk, made with just almonds, water, vanilla and agave, a natural sweetener. Not sure what type of vanilla as the processing of things is important. From what I learned not only do raw foodists believe cooked food isn't as good for you, but some people think it's toxic to the body to consume things that aren't living.

Above is what I made, a raw "linguini" with a macadamia tomato sauce. It was actually quite good but time consuming. If I had a mandoline, I think it would have been much faster though. The "pasta" is really softened strands of parsnips and carrots.

Only one person at the dinner party actually eats raw, part-time, but to most of us it was just a very interesting exercise to learn more about the lifestyle and to experiment a bit. I wouldn't go that route diet-wise but I can certainly see the benefit of adding additional, healthier green foods to my diet!

In general, my band has been extremely sensitive lately, but somehow I managed to get through the whole meal without getting stuck.


  1. The whole raw food movement is so fascinating to me. Your dish looks great!

  2. looks delicious! That dip recipe sounded amazing! Post it if you have it

  3. Getting through a whole meal - especially crunchy raw foods - was some kind of feat. Love the sound of that dip too. Yum.