Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gains and losses

Last week was my first of 5 trips. 6 if you count Houston.

So I had great intentions in regard to my eating, but I do what i always do when i work 16+ hour days and instead i just ate to get through it. All week I worked like a dog.

Next week marks the beginning of our summer sales meeting, and that means 1 year since the start of my pre-surgery diet. I don't really want to do a bandiversary write up now, but one interesting thing that happened this week was that I saw someone I hadn't seen in about a year, and he was raving about how great i look.

It really took me off guard because although i had lost about 40 pounds, I gained more than half back. So in my mind, I gained weight, but to him, since he hadn't seen me, I'm still lower than i was before and that made me feel good. It was certainly a reminder of how far those compliments go to spur on additional weight loss.

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  1. and the winner is...you!