Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tomorrow I start working from home

Tomorrow is my first day working from home. Permanently.

I've had lots of thoughts about getting bored or depressed working from home. Or not working enough during the day and then having to work at night to make up the time, or just working all the time.

One thing I haven't really thought about however, or feared, is eating all day being at home. I'm thinking I can't be as bad as I was with that vending machine at work! Assuming I avoid the delivery and fast food trap.

There's the main, HUGE Whole Foods on 6th and Lamar not too far from us, so I'm thinking when I want to go out I can take a wander over there for a fab salad for lunches.

I also just posted something on one of my other blogs about getting an espresso machine to avoid too many Starbucks or morning breakfast outings.

For the time being however, I have two more weeks in Houston before we officially move to our new place in Austin. So I'm kind of between homes for a little while. I'm quite curious to see how two weeks of working in limbo is.


  1. You are so lucky to be able to move into that beautiful, beautiful home. I'm sure once the novelty wears off from working from home and having food at your fingertips (speaking from experience - I worked from home for near on 20 years :) you will be just fine. Really, you will x

  2. I hate to say it, but I gained 40 pounds the first 6 months I worked at home. The hardest things for me was the lack of activity and the inconsistant eating. I would skip meals a lot and then go out and overeat or I would graze instead of taking the time to cook a proper meal.

    However, with the band it makes things easier. I do still have to make activity a priority. An hour of exercise just isn't enough. Even at a desk job in an office I walked and moved around a TON mroe than I do at home. Now I take quick trips to the store to just walk around or take lunch time walks.

    If there is a Starbucks close enough to walk to you might want to postpone the expresso maker. You might find that those walks might be helpful until you get settled into a good routine.

  3. I appreciate the feedback ladies! Honesty is always best! I'll have to write a post on it later, but my first day at home was definitely insightful! There was only one point where i wanted to start eating to procrastinate. uh oh!