Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back from Peru

We came back from Peru last week and things have been a bit chaotic. But the trip was awesome. In fact, I'm wondering why we came back?

The trip started off good and bad. The bad, we got bumped because of a volcano in Ecuador and ended up just waiting and waiting for a couple of days as result. The good was that Alex talked them into bumping us up into first class. Yay! That was fun. Above is a photo of just how big the seat belts are in first class. And that's a fancy menu under the seat belt. I've been bumped up a few times but given this was an international flight it was the most plush including a full reclining bed.

I had no trouble with the vegetarian thing but most of our trip we were in a town called Arequipa up in the Andes and I noticed that altitude affects tightness of the band! I definitely got full fast.

In general, with the type of big meals we were having on vacation, the band definitely did it's job. In fact, in one super high end restaurant in Lima, all the waiters were just oh so concerned about why I wasn't eating my entree!

I try to stay positive in general but this blog is where i can just let it all hang out there. Since we've been back life has just kind of sucked. Alex had a stomach virus when we got back, then i got a bad cold then today, Alex stepped on a manhole cover that wasn't secured and it flipped up and he tripped and fell and we ended up in the emergency room and he has a sprained knee.

On top of all that Alex had a second interview for a great full time gig this week and it was just a bomb. So he's just really unhappy and of course that makes me unhappy.

Otherwise, we really like Austin and I'm in a good place, but things won't really click into place until Alex finds a good job.

I'll share pics from the trip when i have them all ready!


  1. Sounds like a nice vacation. Sorry things aren't going so well since you've been home. Hang in there, it will get better!


  2. Just wanted to let you know that your wedding picture is up on this site...